Choosing Your Perfect Bridal Accessories

10 Tips For Choosing Your Perfect Bridal Accessories

Choosing Your Perfect Bridal Accessories

Choosing your perfect bridal accessories and jewellery for your wedding day can be a daunting task, after all, you only get one wedding day look. Alright, maybe two if you change for the evening reception. But two is about the max unless you’re Paris Hilton, right? So it’s a lot of pressure to get it right the first time.

Hopefully, with our helpful tips below, you’ll be sure to make a well-thought-out decision after considering ALL the potential pros and cons.

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Your Personal Style

Before going through our list of tips and things to consider when choosing your perfect bridal accessories, let’s first decide what styles of jewellery you like best by looking at what you’re usually drawn to for your everyday style. Are you more of a simple and elegant type of gal unlikely to wear anything bigger than a simple stud earring, or perhaps not even any jewellery at all? Or do you regularly rock your accessories, layering up necklaces like a pro and wearing giant earrings?

What about headpieces? Does the thought of wearing something “princess-like” such as a tiara make you shrink away and hide? Or are you a damn queen and it’s about time everyone knows it?

I’m sure you’re getting the idea here. That it’s not a good idea to step really far outside of your usual comfort zone on your wedding day. Try to stick with your usual level of accessorising that you would wear to a nice function, but just levelled up since, you know, most important day of your life and all that.

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Your Wedding Style

Next, it’s time to consider if the earrings and headpieces you now have in mind will actually work with your dress, your wedding’s theme and the hairstyle you’ve chosen for yourself on your wedding day. For example, very short hair may not allow for a type of headpiece that needs your hair to be pinned up in order to stay in. Your wedding theme might be a rustic and earthy barn wedding so you wouldn’t want to then contrast with a tall, regal headpiece fit for a cathedral. Finally, your dress might have a particular type of beading that calls for a similar tone in your accessories such as silvery rhinestones or ivory pearls.

Cherry - rhinestone and freshwater pearl hairpin

Insist on Quality

One last very important thing to consider is quality. We know you’ll have spent a decent chunk of change on your wedding dress, or even if you got a super-bargain, you love your dress. And so you’d never want to lower the tone, dull your shine, or at worst, ruin the whole look by having a cheap-looking plasticky piece of jewellery in your hair or ears.

At Jessica Lauren, our headpieces and jewellery have been carefully crafted by hand from the highest quality components including glass pearls (the round ones), freshwater pearls (the little potato-shaped ones), glass rhinestones in metal settings that are wired on, not glued, and glass crystals faceted for maximum reflection. They’re made with metal combs and headbands for extra durability and shine so they’ll stay put even through the entire dance party at your reception!

Bridal Headpieces - Diamante hair comb

Okay, now it’s time for…

Our Top Tips For Choosing Your Perfect Bridal Accessories!

  1. Figure out what type of jewellery you like to wear on a daily basis and use that as inspiration for the pieces you choose.
  2. Any headpiece must be able to withstand a very active day of hugging, drinking, dancing and outdoor photos in all potential weather, so make sure you choose one that will be easy to secure in your chosen hairstyle.
  3. If you plan on wearing your hair completely down and loose on your big day, this can determine what type of headpiece you should get and ones that just won’t work at all.
  4. If you want to feel like royalty on your wedding day, consider getting a tiara as part of your ensemble. I mean, when else would you get to wear one?
  5. There are many different headpiece styles available these days, so don’t limit yourself by thinking there’s only one option out there that suits everyone’s needs.
  6. Choose a metal colour that will complement your hair and skin tone. Silver, gold, or even rose gold.
  7. Try on different styles before making up your mind and don’t order anything custom made until you have.
  8. Make sure your headpiece and/or earrings are comfortable enough to wear all day long and not too heavy or bulky.
  9. Make sure all of your choices are high quality so they don’t break easily and can be worn again in the future.
  10. Think about balance. Maybe go for a statement headpiece or statement earrings but not both.

More Things To Consider

  1. Consider the type of dress you’ll be wearing and the beading that it has that you could match to.
  2. Think about how much time you have to shop for the perfect accessories. All our pieces are stocked and ready to ship straight away.
  3. Consider your wedding style – do you want a traditional, rustic, or modern look for your accessories?
  4. What are your wedding style goals for the big day – is it more about being comfortable or looking fabulous at all costs?
  5. If you’ve chosen a simple dress, think of your accessories as a way to add some sparkle you might otherwise miss.
Willow - diamante bridal hairpin set

So I hope we’ve shown here today that although there are a lot of things to consider when choosing your perfect bridal accessories, it doesn’t have to be quite as daunting a process as originally thought. And we’re happy to help further. We can advise you on the best bridal accessory options with tips customised for your specific dress if you want to get in touch with a pic. We can also cover some key considerations when choosing headpieces depending on the hairstyle you’ll have on your big day (and how this will affect which type of hairpiece is right for you).

But, for now, thanks for reading!

Lynsey xx

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